ThOverlook Homeowner Association was established to oversee the essential functions for the professional management of the Overlook at Surprise Valley.  Our goal is to administer property services that preserve, maintain and enhance the common community amenities for all homeowners and their guests.  

M anaging the affairs of this well-developed condominium community includes supervision of:
  • Legal Requirements and Accounting Documentation
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Cost-effective Property Maintenance
  • Timely Communication with Overlook Homeowners
  • Support Services for Overlook Condo Investors
  • Assistance to Real Estate Industry Professionals

Whether you are a full-time resident, a part-time visitor, or an investor with renters, your Homeowners's Association strives to ensure a safe and controlled environment for the promotion of quality living at Overlook.  The main objective of this website is to provide a source of data about the operations of Overlook Condominiums.  Many information menus co.ntain documents produced in .pdf-Adobe Reader format and relate to topics of interest for homeowners, prospective buyers, and real estate professionals.